Oracle Card Readings


I’m excited to announce I am now offering Oracle Card Readings. I frequently utilize them in my psychic readings at the direction of either my Spirit Guides and/or those of the sitter. I’ve been nudged from those on both sides of the veil to employ the cards with a greater frequency. Instead of bucking the system, as is my custom, I’ve opted to just shut up and listen for a change. It’s easier that way let me tell ya…

For the record, my Guide, Pamela, is ecstatic about this…

The Oracle Card Readings are designed for gaining insight into not only situations but within yourself as well. The cards help me better connect with your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self. The card readings are not really intended for “what should I do” questions but rather to help you better see what is before you, within the realms of energetic, spiritual and physical possibilities, and how your free will can strengthen or weaken your choices. It is imperative to understand and accept the choices are always yours.

These readings are given via email only. I have 13 varied decks at my disposal. Spirit will direct me as to which deck, or decks, to use. However, if you have a preference, feel free to let me know. The readings generally consist of three cards but can, on occasion, be as many as five. Again, Spirit will provide what is required. I will email the reading to you along with a scanned image of the cards drawn.

The readings will be done one of two ways: You can offer a question or short summery of the situation at hand. Or you can request a general reading which provides whatever Spirit is feeling is significant for you at this moment. The latter is quite beneficial for validating your own feelings and thoughts. Upon reflection and review the mini-readings should also enhance your connection to your own Guides.

The cost for the Oracle Card reading is $65.00. You will receive your Oracle Card reading within three days of payment.

I am looking forward to walking this shared path with you!


Oracle Card Reading


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