Extra Large Medium
on a wing and a prayer

on a wing and a prayer
Charles A. Filius, America's very own Extra-Large-Medium, has released a collection of humorous and poignant essays documenting his spiritual journey, entitled Selections From On A Wing And A Prayer. Using a traditional typeface, spell-check, and a word processing program, Charles has astutely chronicled the day-to-day existence of a medium who refuses to take himself - or just about anyone else - seriously. There's one thing I've learned that's a constant in life - and in death: you must learn to laugh, said Filius. And nobody knows that better than dead people. Other than John Wilkes Booth - that man has zero sense of humor.

Charles' profound gifts as a medium have made him a favorite amongst folks from coast-to-coast. His easy-going humor gives much-needed balance to sessions that can often be emotionally draining. As Charles' mother says, "Holy $%^&!, my kid talks to dead people!" Be the very first kid on your block to own book of essays that will only set you back a measly $14.95.

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"Charles Filius is a truly gifted medium, author and artist. With a wonderful writing style, you will certainly enjoy this uplifting work. These essays are a perfect reminder of what is truly important in life."

Stacey Wolf,
Author of "Psychic Living" and "Never Throw Rice at a Pisces"

"Charles' stories are well-written, told with equal parts wit and irreverence, and always include a poignant message."

Terry and Linda Jamison,
Authors of "Separated at Earth: The Story of The Psychic Twins"

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