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Pondering the Pavement

Pondering the Pavement
The conventional wisdom is that, for the most part, your pathway through life presents you with an endless supply of lessons. Some we share, some we keep for our own benefit, while others just bounce around, ricocheting off any available soul surface within reach. As a self-proclaimed 'befuddled medium', the author of this collection of life lessons has braved the conventional by openly offering up his own experiences for the perusal of others. Some are of a far-reaching universal lesson while many more are extremely personal and thought-provoking. His open honesty regarding his own doubts and sorrows is both inspirational and poignant. His losses and gains prove nothing is wasted when we pay attention to our journey and accept the gift of clarity made available to us when we truly choose to see. While the Courage of Truth is a general theme throughout, the true common denominator is humor.

Laughter is healing. Laughter is educational. Laughter is the ultimate revealer of truth. This collection of postings aims to do all three and then some. For the most part, however, it should do it while a smile spreads across your face and emits from your heart.

As one reader put it, "Reading this I laughed and I cried. The laughter won." We're never alone. There is always someone—some force—with whom we can share our walk. The words within these pages will hopefully help you become more aware, more sensitive, to this very fact of all life. Enjoy the stroll.

"There are so few in this field who have the capacity to be as connected to spirit as Charles is – and the thing is, it's not just what they tell him and he pens, but it's the life he lives and the experiences he has on a day-by-day basis that reminds him… indeed all of us… that none of us are ever alone in this journey through life."

Excerpt from the Foreword by Rev. John W. Culbertson

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